Make It happen

Secrets of power negotiating

For long term successful business relationships


This highly interactive workshop provides valuable skills and knowledge; thus, participants practice the new skills and break old habits, through group exercises, case studies, role playing and competitions in a fun and interactive environment.


This workshop focuses on Seven aspects of negotiation skills, thus, by the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify what gives them power in negotiation

  • Get what they want, and making the other side feel that they got what they wanted, and at the same time improve their business relationship

  • Understand the FOUR negotiation stages

  • Master the secrets of power negotiating

  • Learn new closing techniques.

  • Recognize that creating win-win solutions are the only sustainable solutions for successful business relationships.

  • Identify the negotiation pressure points to avoid being pressured.

  • Know the negotiation principles that will always be on their side.


6 Р8  hours depending on your needs, the number of participants and exercises.

In order to get the best return on investment; by the end of this session each participant will reflect on his/her real life and write his/her action plan, to be submitted to the HR department and can be included in their performance evaluation process.

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