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Excellence In Customer Service

For a professional image, more loyal customers & higher sales


This Session provides valuable skills and knowledge, in an interactive and brainstorming approach, where participants will practice the learned knowledge and skills and break old habits; through group exercises, competitions and role playing; that are designed to allow them to reflect on real life experiences, understand their behaviors and enhance their team work skills.  Moreover, participants will learn more about each other and become top notch team members.


This course consists of two parts:

  1. Excellence In Customer Service
  2. Telephone Etiquette

By the end of this workshop Participants will be able to:

  • Impress customers every time they interact with them

  • Identify the different customers’ behavioral styles and choose the productive way to deal with each type

  • Understand the six levels of service and easily creating higher levels of service to their customers.

  • Turn a customer into a loyal customer by making him/her become a walking advertisement for your business

Duration & Action Plan

10 – 12 hours depending on your needs, the number of participants and exercises.

In order to get the best return on investment; by the end of this session each participant will reflect on his/her real life and write his/her action plan, to be submitted to the HR department and can be included in their performance evaluation process.

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