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Conflict resolution

Effective Communication for Productive Teams & a Pleasant Work Environment Using wisdom and Emotional Intelligence


This highly interactive workshop provides valuable skills and knowledge; where participants will practice the new skills and break old habits, through group brainstorming exercises, case studies, role playing and competitions in a fun and interactive environment.


This program focuses on Four aspects of effective communication and conflict resolution mindset and skills.

  • Identify our personality type and others around us -DISC personality types- and how to effectively communicate with each type.

  • Understand our top relational needs, reactions and triggers – learn how to manage ourselves keeping our eyes on the positive outcome.

  • Gain the knowledge, skills and steps that will help us shift from adversaries to partners in resolution.

  • Practice the new and productive approach to conflict resolution.

Duration & Action Plan

10 – 12 hours depending on your needs, the number of participants and exercises.

In order to get the best return on investment; by the end of this session each participant will reflect on his/her real life and write his/her action plan, to be submitted to the HR department and can be included in their performance evaluation process.

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